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Did you ever feel that your holiday was lacking something authentic that you got to see only the things ‘that tourists see?
Or that you went along all the highways but none of the byways? That you ate in wonderful restaurants but had no i

We have devised a holiday to change all that, we offer Seven days and six nights that make all the difference. Combine nature and history for a unique Israel Experience, take the classics and give them a twist, do a Jeep Tour. 



The price of the tour, per person,4 passengers per jeep, is 2269$ plus an Added Value Tax for Israeli clients only. 

Price Includes: 

Car with Driver/Guide, insurance and petrol. Accommodation in comfortable guest houses on a basis of H/B

Meals: tourists so wishing can reserve full Board basis for an additional $18 per person per day. 

The tour is included in our price: Entrance Fees. 

Meals on route: meals on route will be generally be in restaurants, or the local authentic Israeli restaurants or tourist ones according to clients request, we will also provide picnics from time to time in especially scenic spots. 

Please Note

The itinerary days are extremely full but the pace will be according to client’s wishes, we can slow down or quicken up, as desired. The order of sites to be visited can be changed at any time; we will not cut any items out but will be glad to add any sites that interest the client. Any major changes, although possible, will be carried out after informing the main office. Our tours are all inclusive and we will be glad to handle all arrangement to facilitate a wonderful holiday, let us do all your booking and avoid the client an unnecessary runaround. For those wishing to include family visits during the trip we will be glad to help meet the families or friends while on tour. 





Transfer from the airport to your hotel, stop along the way to take in some incredible panoramas. Overnight in the Judean Hills at village hotel just outside Jerusalem. This hotel set in natural surroundings has a Swimming pool and tiny Spa. Hotel rooms fully air-conditioned with fridge and Electric kettle. 




Travel up to Jerusalem on routes where only Jeeps can go, through the hill country to the Mount Scopus site of the first Hadassah Hospital and Hebrew University for a sensational panorama of the city of Jerusalem. Visit the Old City walk along the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and through the Jewish Quarter to the Cardo and the Western Wall. Drive through the New City to visit Yad Vashem and then drive down to the picturesque village of Ein Karem to reacj some of the famous springs, the ancient water sources for the hill villages,take in refreshing dip in the cool mountain waters. Overnight in the Judean Hills at village hotel.




Have a leisurely free day or if you feel like a tour let us know. Overnight in the Judean Hills at village hotel. 




Travel down the Judean hills, where only jeeps can go to the Coastal plain to visit the Alexander River and the turtle nature reserve, on to the Godded nature reserve which is one of the best examples of natural coast line and then continue to the Hadera nature reserves to rember the swamps that almost defied early settlers. Visit Caesarea and hear all about the great king Herod and the Crusader fort and visit the well preserved Roman Aquaduct before continuing to the unique Muslim fishing village of Jesher El Zarka. Visit the Crocodile River Preserve, no crocodiles but a lot of ancient water installations and an amzing walk along the river. Travel a scenic route to Tel Aviv and visit Jaffa, take an evening stroll through the winding alleys of Old Jaffa and visit the picturesque port. Overnight in the Judean Hills at village hotel




Travel to the Judean Desert,* a desert with an exceptional character and a special place in history as a hideaway area from the time of the bible and till the present day. This area is renowned as one of the main monastic centers of the world. Fascinating too the details of how the flora and fauna of the desert adapt to harsh conditions and arid climate. Start with a breathtaking panorama of the Dead Sea, Ein Feshca, the Qumran Valley and Trans Jordan from the Cliff of the Ancients, listen to the riddle of the ‘sink holes’ and the Ein Feshca nature reserve. Travel to Mount Sodom the brook of Sodom and Peratzim before driving to Flour Valley and then the unforgettable site of Massada. Visit the desert fortress, the last stand of the Jewish people and the last battle of the Great Revolt. 


*Please note this is a very long day. Overnight in the Judean Hills at village hotel 





Drive North through the Jordan Valley to the Crusader fortress of Bellevoire with Breathtaking panorama of the Jordan River, the Golan heights and Trans-Jordan. Drive to the Southern Golan for a vantage point over the Sea of Galilee, and then by jeep wade through a rivulet down to the Valley of Beiseida. Overnight in a guest house on the shores of the lake. 





Northern Golan Heights, take in a magnificent Panorama of Syria and and the town of Kunetra, visit an Israel border post and one of the sources of the jordan River Banias, enjoy a short walk along the river before continuing to Metula and the Lebanese border. Finally visit the Hula valley before departing for the airport. 


Extensions: for clients who wish to extend their holidays we will be glad to offer extended itineraries and add extra activities and sites to visit. 



Please call us and check free dates for your Israeli Experience




Price: 2269$ (plus an Added Value Tax for Israeli clients only).


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