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A two-day, light to moderate jeep tour, combining the Southern part of the Hebron Mountains (ancient cave dwelling), the Southern part of the Judean Desert and Mount Sodom.


Day 1: Beit Gouvrin Area, Mount Yatir, the "Security Road", overnight in Arad.


Day 2: Drive down the Azgad Pass, Mount Sodom, Wadi Peratzim, Wadi Sodom – crossing salt plains coated with mineral powder (Khawar) – feels like walking and driving on the Moon.


Duration: 2 Days – 1 overnight.

Starting Point: Pick-up from hotel.



Price includes: 4x4 Wheel driven by a professional driver/Self Driving with 4-6 pax in a vehicle. It is possible to arrange for self-driven vehicles equipped with 2-way radio communication system as part of a convoy (2-4 pax in a vehicle) with a licensed tour guide leading it.

Petrol, 3rd party Insurance up to NIS 4,000,000.-, 

Overnight – 4 star hotel in Arad, or similar, Half-Board accommodation.

Second day: lunch in a hotel on the shores of the Dead Sea. Bathing facilities using the hotel spa – including showers, towels, changing rooms, etc.


Price per person :sharing a double room, in a 4-wheel vehicle:

with 2 pax, 1 vehicle : 944$ ( = 472$ per day per person .f/b ) 

with 4 pax, 1 vehicle : 564$( = 282$ per day per person .f/b )

with 6 pax, 2 vehicle :630$( = 315$ per day per person .f/b)

with 8 pax, 2 vehicle: 536$(= 267$ per day per person .f/b)

with 10 pax, 3 vehicle: 592$ (= 296$ per day per person .f/b)

with 12 pax, 3 vehicle: 496$ (= 248$ per day per person .f/b)


* Plus an Added Value Tax for Israeli clients only


Minimum 2 jeeps in the root.


Please note:

We recommend a maximum of 4 persons in a vehicle to allow for luggage and comfort of participants. 







Price: NIS1800

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Expire Date: 31/12/2021

Price List: $289

Website Price (Starting form): $248 [price_per_person]

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