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Main Highlight: The Perfume and Spice route


The ultimate 4 x 4 wheel desert experience for the lovers of a powerful adventure – light to moderate navigability.


A few words about the Perfume and Spice route:


The Perfume and Spice route is an ancient trade route which catered to the enormous demand for perfumes and spices in the Greco-Roman world. It stretches over 2,400 km starting in Yemen (the Kingdom of sheba), continues through Saudi Arabia and Jordan – including Petra the city carved in the stone, crosses the Negev till it reaches the port of Gaza. This is where the merchandise was loaded on ships which carried it to Rome and other important cities in antiquity. The central part of this route goes through Israel – 65 km, from Moa (near the settlement Tzofar in the Aravah) till the Nabatean city of Ovdat. This section was in use for 700 years. Traveling/walking along this route you discover how the demand for perfumes and spices made the fortune of the Nabateans which have turned from a nomad people to flourishing sedentary, city and rural communities. The Romans annexed the Nabatean Kingdom in 106 AD and the Roman army took over control of this area which it maintained until the 3rd century AD. Given the location of the sites along the route, within an extremely arid region the conservation of structures and small finds, including organic materials, is outstanding.


One can easily understand why in 2007 UNESCO chose to declare the Perfume and Spice route as a World Heritage Site. These unique cities in the middle of the desert are evidence of a sophisticated civilization which developed in an arid and hostile region and is very unique in global terms.


Main features of the itinerary:


Day 1: The Beit Gouvrin area, the Southern Hebron Mountains, Mount Yatir, the "Security Road", Mount Sodom, Wadi Peratzim and Wadi Sodom.

Lunch and the unique experience of floating on the waters of the Dead Sea in one of the fine hotels along the Dead Sea. Bathing facilities using the hotel spa – including showers, towels, changing rooms, etc.

Overnight in Arad (hotel accommodation)


Day 2: Arad, Southern Judean Desert, Tzvaim Valley, Wadi Peres, Ein Yorke'am water sopurce, a short walking tour, the Great Makhtesh, Yerucham – a development town in the Negev.

Arrive at a Bedouin encampment for a typical Bedouin hospitality, including a Bedouin night party.

Overnight: Bedouin tent – sleeping bags.


Day 3: Start the day with a short camel ride through the nearby area. After breakfast get on the jeeps – there is still a lot lying ahead.


We proceed to the British Mandate Ma'ale Ha'akrabim Pass, Wadi Tzin and the most interesting part of the Perfume and Spice route which we enter at Wadi Nekarot and exit at Mo'a, back to the Aravah


We reach Eilat at night fall.


Duration: 3 Days – 2 overnights

Starting Point: Pick-up from hotel.


Price per person sharing a double room with 4 pax in a 4-wheel vehicle:


Price includes: 4x4 Wheel driven by a professional driver/Self Driving with 4-6 pax in a vehicle. It is possible to arrange for self-driven vehicles equipped with 2-way radio communication system as part of a convoy (2-4 pax in a vehicle) with a licensed tour guide leading it.

Petrol, 3rd party Insurance up to NIS 4,000,000.-, 

Overnight – 4 star hotel in Arad, or similar,Half-Board accommodation.

First day: lunch in a hotel on the shores of the Dead Sea. Bathing facilities using the hotel spa – including showers, towels, changing rooms, etc.

Second Day: Bedouin hospitality including Bedouin dinner party, overnight in a Bedouin tent – in sleeping bags we provided.


Third Day: Breakfast at the Bedouin encampment, a camel ride.


Price per person :sharing a double room, in a 4-wheel vehicle:

with 2 pax, 1 vehicle : 1440$ ( 720$ per day)

with 4 pax, 1 vehicle : 946$ ( 473$ per day)

with 6 pax, 2 vehicle :1066$ ( 533$ per day )

with 8 pax, 2 vehicle: 892$ ( 446$ NIS per day )

with 10 pax, 3 vehicle: :996$ ( 498$ per day )

with 12 pax, 3 vehicle: :864$ ( 432$ per day )


* Plus an Added Value Tax for Israeli clients only


Minimum 2 jeeps in the root.


Please note:

We recommend a maximum of 4 persons in a vehicle to allow for luggage and comfort of participants. 


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