Between sacred and profane

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Special trip begins in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv ends or start at Tel Aviv...
excellent substitute for the transfers of travelers in the ancient Roman road trip to Jerusalem

Half Day Central Israel


Between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Emmaus on the ancient Roman road


This tour visits the historically important area between the cities of Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. This area, between coast and mountain, has a special significance unique to its geographical position both in ancient and modern times. Hear about the flora and fauna, Roman Roads between Jerusalem and Emmaus, Roman Bath-Houses, Sheiks tombs, the reforestation of the Judean Hills by the Jewish National Fund, the Maccabeans and their fight for freedom and the fateful road to Jerusalem.




Canada Park, the old road to Jerusalem, Emaus, The Aayalon Valley, Panorama of Shar Hagai.


Level of difficulty – Easy to Moderate: suitable for families.


The trip takes about 4 - 5 hours


Price per person, in a 4-wheel vehicle:


with 2 pax, 1 vehicle : 225$.

with 4 pax, 1 vehicle : 115$.

with 6 pax, 1 vehicle : 85$**.


with 6 pax, 2 vehicle :160$.



* Plus an Added Value Tax for Israeli clients only



Please note:

** We recommend a maximum of 4 persons in a vehicle to allow for luggage and comfort of participants.

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