The Philistines are upon thee, Samson

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This trip is part of a series of trips dealing with the relations between the Philistines Israel during the period of settlement and monarchy in the 12th century and the 10th century BCE.

And if there is time we will go into the story of Samson the hero and his Philistine wives.

And he said unto them: Out of the eater came forth food, and out of the strong came forth sweetness. And they could not in three days declare the riddle. "(Judges Chapter 14:14)

Where did Samson come from?

What happened to Shimshon in Timna?

What is the meaning of the riddle that Shimshon brought to the Philistines?
What happened in the fox story?

From what they made their living in the settlements during this time period?

Where were the water from these settlements??


You are invited to experience the story of the Philistines with Yaron I.Y.S Tours.

To know the places and stories that are written in the Book of Books,

Come and get to know "Tel Betash" and hear about "Tamana" and "Philistine Woman".

To see the place, to understand how they lived, where they took water, How they lived and made a living from.

Drink herbal tea on the edge of a spring that may have been used by our ancestors in the past and still flowing.

Come and get to know Soreq Valley on a jeep tour.

The tour lasts 4-5 hours.


Price per person: 115$, minimum 4 people in a jeep.

The price includes a certified tour guide of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

A jeep driven by the guide

Fuel for the jeep

Stop for herbal tea on a trip


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